Sunday AM Adult Bible Classes

Fall Quarter:  September 2019 through November 2019


Auditorium Class 

Class Leader: Joe Majkrzak
Class Description: “The Fellowship of Christ We Share” 
There is one, most important ingredient for the functioning of a healthy Body of Christ – GOD’S LOVE. Recognizing the importance of God’s love and living in that love is vital for sustaining and growing as the local Body of Christ and as members within that body. When the church forgets its first love, the body – and therefore the members – become spiritually anemic and in danger of dying.  Scripture confirms the relationships that God intends for us as his children.

Adult Discussion Class:  Meets in the Library 

Class Leaders: Rawle Turner, Sr./Chris Ward
Class Description: “Trusting God in the Midst of Adversity” 
One universal truth that binds all humans together is that each of us will face adversity. Job 14:1 states, “Man who is born of a woman is few of days and full of trouble.”  We will all face difficulties. However, God’s people have glorious promises:  God will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5) and these light momentary issues are preparing us for eternal glory (2 Cor. 4:16-18). This class will look at how God leads us through life’s struggles and makes us stronger.

Adult Discussion Class:  Meets in Room 107

Class Leader: Jim Mahood
Class Description:  The Letter of 1 Corinthians
The church of Christ in Corinth faced many difficulties. It was a church surrounded by an immoral culture. It was a church full of people who bore the scars of living apart from God their whole lives. It was a church dealing with spiritual immaturity. In other words, it was a church very much like congregations today! This class will look at the issues that Paul addressed in his first letter to the Corinthian church and how the apostle’s inspired teaching still applies to us today.

Young Families/Young Professionals Class: Meets in Room 110

Class Leaders:  Men of the class
Class Description:  Biblical Love
The subject of Biblical love is the subject of God Himself. After all, God IS love (1 John 4:8)!  Yet as much as we all want to be loved and as much as we want to love others, love is not always easy. This class will look at how Biblical love should impact every aspect of our lives: From how we treat our family, our brothers and sisters in Christ, those in the world around us and most importantly, how we love God.   

Men’s Servant Leadership Class: Meets in Fellowship Hall

Class Leaders:  Various men
Class Description:  Men’s Servant Leadership Class
The Bible is clear that men must be leaders: In the home and in the church. Yet, while we often think of leadership in the church as just elders and deacons, the fact is that there are many areas where men must step up and lead. This class will look at leadership opportunities to serve the Lord’s church that also help prepare men to someday serve as deacons and elders. 

Spanish Bible Class:  Meets in the Youth Wing

Class Leader: Jim Avalos
Class Description: God’s Word taught in Spanish

New Members Class:  Meets in Elder’s Conference Room 

Class Leaders:  Various men

Non-Christian’s Class:  Meets in Minister’s Office   

Class Leaders: Various men

Wednesday Night Adult Bible Classes

Fall Quarter:  September 2019 thru November 2019


Auditorium Class 

Class Leader: John Gooch
Class Description:  The 13 “C’s” of Successful Christian Living
The Bible is our roadmap to navigate through this life so that we can safely arrive at our eternal home in heaven. The 13 “C’s” that we will look at in this class cover areas that help us be the holy people God has called us to be.  Join us as we look to “C” all that God desires us for us and how we can please Him.

Men’s Discussion Class:  Meets in the Library 

Class Leader: Shawn Biggers
Class Description:  Worth It!
The expectations for living “successfully” in our society often leaves little room for godly priorities. Our flesh natures wage war against us seeking to dethrone Jesus as Lord of our lives. Those with whom we have relationships sometimes urge us to turn to the “sure thing” we can see rather than the hope in what we cannot see. And the culture we live in is turning more and more anti-Christian threatening to take away the freedom we have enjoyed to follow Christ unhindered. All of this might just lead someone to ask, “Is it worth it?” The apostle Peter responds to the scattered church in his day with a resounding, “Yes!” –  faith and life in Christ is more than worth it. 

Women’s Bible Class:  Meets in Room 107

Class Leader: Deanna McCullough
Class Description: 1 & 2 Peter and 1 John
First Peter stresses conduct becoming the people of God in the midst of evil. Second Peter contains both a warning and an encouragement: warning against being led away by error and an encouragement for growth in knowledge of the son of God. First John encourages Christians so that their joy may be complete, that they not sin, so that they know they have eternal life, and that they continue in their belief in the name of the son of God. These are topics that are still applicable to us today. Ladies of all ages are welcome to come study with us.

Young Families/Young Professionals Class: Meets in room 111

Class Leaders: Various Men
Class Description:  My Potential as a Person
God has placed within each of us the potential to do great things! It doesn’t matter where we’ve been or what we’ve done, we can become the person that God calls us to be. In fact, Scripture is full of examples of people who overcame difficult, if not impossible, situations when they let go and let God rule their life. Our class will examine how we can pull away from the pull of the world and allow ourselves to soar with the potential for greatness that God has placed in all of us!

Spanish Bible Class:  Meets in Room 110

Class Leader:  Jim Avalos
Class Description:  God’s Word taught in Spanish

Visitor’s Class:  Meets in Minister’s Office

Class Leader:  Chris Ward
Class Description: Fundamentals of the Faith
This class is offered for all non-Christians who wish to have a better understanding of the foundational truths and building blocks of the Christian faith. This class is a casual, open discussion class in which no question is too elementary to be asked.