Sunday AM Adult Bible Classes

 Winter Quarter:  December 2019 through February 2020

Auditorium Class 

Class Leader: John Gooch
Class Description: “The Life and Ministry of Jesus” 
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, writing by inspiration of the Holy Spirit, revealed the most productive, inspiring, influential and amazing life ever lived – the physical life of the Son of God!  Our study of the life and ministry of Jesus will deepen our faith, heighten our appreciation and strengthen our resolve to learn about and love more King Jesus the Christ, and strive in our daily lives to be more like Him.

Adult Discussion Class:  Meets in the Library 

Class Leaders: Billy Alexander
Class Description: Book of Ezekiel 
In this survey of Ezekiel, we will explore what the prophet had to say to God’s people in captivity and the promises of the Messiah, as well as application for God’s people today awaiting the Christ’s promised return.

Adult Discussion Class:  Meets in Room 107

Class Leader: Jim Mahood and different men of the Class
Class Description:  The Letter of Corinthians
The church of Christ in Corinth faced many difficulties.  It was a church surrounded by an immoral culture.  It was a church full of people who bore the scars of living apart from God their whole lives.  It was a church dealing with spiritual immaturity.  In other words, it was a church very much like congregations today!  This class will look at the issues that Paul addressed in his first letter to the Corinthian church and how the apostle’s inspired teaching still applies to us today.

Young Families/Young Professionals Class: Meets in Room 110

Class Leaders:  Cody Patterson
Class Description:  Walking a Certain Future
Do you ever get concerned for the future? You’re not sure which way our world is going (and what you are sure about doesn’t look good) or what it means for you and for your family as you follow Christ. We live in a society that seems to be not only non-Christian but more and more anti-Christian. What does it mean to live in such a society, whose values and belief systems are so opposed to our own? How are we to raise healthy, faithful families in this environment? Bottom Line: What does it mean to live the life Christ has called us to in our world? This series seeks to investigate those and other questions.

Spanish Bible Class:  Meets in the Youth Wing

Class Leader: Jim Avalos
Class Description: God’s Word taught in Spanish

New Members Class:  Meets in Elder’s Conference Room 

Class Leaders:  Various men

Non-Christian’s Class:  Meets in Minister’s Office   

Class Leaders: Various men

Wednesday Night Adult Bible Classes

Winter Quarter:  December 2019 thru February 2020


Auditorium Class 

Class Leader: John Gooch
Class Description:  Defending Our Spiritual Freedom – A Study of Galatians
To the churches in Galatia the Apostle Paul wrote a powerful defense of the freedom Christians have in Christ through the one and only gospel.  He challenged his readers to stand firm in their faith, commit themselves to holiness and refuse to turn away fall lest they fall from grace.  The urgent and forceful message Paul delivered is one Christians need to hear today as the truth of Galatians is just as fresh now as it was 2000 years ago!

Men’s Discussion Class:  Meets in the Library 

Class Leader: Doug McCullough
Class Description:  Hebrews “The Fifth Gospel”
The Book of Hebrews was written as a sort of Gospel of Jesus Christ from an Old Testament perspective. Hebrews points out that the Law was only a shadow of the realities we have in Christ. Its purpose was to keep Jewish Christians, and even those who read it today, from falling away from Christ.

Women’s Bible Class:  Meets in Room 107

Class Leader: Deanna McCullough
Class Description: A Study of 1, 2, 3 John & Jude
Jesus said in John 8:32, “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  The 4 short letters that we will discuss focus on truth – as it was under attack from those who practiced the false doctrine of Gnosticism. Studying these four letters will challenge us to consider the truth that governs our own lives.  In a world where truth is a slippery reality, 1, 2, 3 John and Jude remind us that truth does exist, and that truth still sets people free.

Young Families/Young Professionals Class: Meets in room 111

Class Leaders: Darrell Criss
Class Description:  Full and Complete in Christ
Our journey in this series will take us through some passages of Scripture that point our way to greater growth and maturity in Christ.  One of the reasons so many of us struggle with the things that we do is because we have stopped growing deeper into Jesus Christ.  Other cares, concerns, worries and desires take the place of what Christ wants to accomplish in us.  It may surprise us how growth in Christ takes place and what it means on a day-to-day, practical basis.  Grow deeper … become what you were called to be!

Spanish Bible Class:  Meets in Room 110

Class Leader:  Jim Avalos
Class Description:  God’s Word taught in Spanish

Visitor’s Class:  Meets in Minister’s Office

Class Leader:  Chris Ward
Class Description: Fundamentals of the Faith
This class is offered for all non-Christians who wish to have a better understanding of the foundational truths and building blocks of the Christian faith. This class is a casual, open discussion class in which no question is too elementary to be asked.