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“Let’s Give Them a Hand” 

“He teaches my hands to make war, so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze (Psalm 18:34).”

A scientific paper, titled: “Biomechanical Characteristics of Hand Coordination in Grasping Activities of Daily Living” was written by a team of four researchers, three from China and one from Massachusetts earlier this year. It was published in a popular peer-reviewed scientific journal known as PLOS ONE. After a frenzy of controversy arose the journal retracted the paper and apologized for the conclusions of the paper.1 What was so controversial? The paper that observed how we grasp things with our hands concluded that hand mechanics are the product of “proper design by the Creator.” Atheists in the scientific community were aghast, and some called for boycott of the journal. The journal responded in kind and disavowed any support for the theory of “intelligent design.”

The belief remains in much of the scientific community that the universe arose by chance and that life also arose by chance and against all known biological laws grew from lower order to greater and greater complexity through macro-evolutionary processes.
They believe that life is common throughout the universe. Some strongly project that an announcement that life has been found on Mars (again) is imminent. After all they claim, “All the ingredients are there.” You probably have all of the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies in your pantry. It is unlikely you have ever returned home to find a batch made up and cooling on a rack for you. If it did happen your first question would likely be, “Who made these?”
And so it is when we consider the human hand. Due to greater need fascinating advancements have been made in the last two decades in creating prosthetic hands. They have moved on from wooden attachments that were more form than function to modern polymer constructions that allow people to button their own shirts & maintain challenging careers. Now scientists have developed myoelectric for prosthetics that place sensors against muscles to provide feelings.
Anyone examining the use of these modern achievements would have to admit their designs are well thought out and advantage their users with impressive capabilities that would not have been possible only a few decades ago. Yet, when you examine these valuable prosthetics they still do not measure up to the capabilities and wonders of the factory issued units. Our “natural” phalanges operate as though by remote control having no muscles themselves. We only think it and by impulse they respond to our commands to thread a needle or to pull a spec from our eye through muscles in our palms and mid forearms which bend the finger joints connected by bones and tendons as a marionette pulls a puppet’s strings. When our hands are kept wet our skin responds by wrinkling triggered by any of 48 nerves.
Yet the scientific community has shamed these researcher’s conclusions that the amazing abilities of the human hand were the result of the Creator’s design rather than the broadly accepted theory that chance through evolutionary processes produced this. Compare the two. Examine the best prosthetic hand science can currently produce and also examine a human hand. Ask which one is designed?2 If the inferior one is the result of the best designs of scientific minds could the superior model really be the result of mere luck?
One does not need both of their “natural” hands to see that the truth is within your grasp (Acts 17:27).
“You have a mighty arm; strong is Your hand, and high is Your right hand (Psalm 89:13).”
Billy Alexander
The Warren-Flew Debate; pp. 220-221 National Christian Press 1977, Moore, Oklahoma