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Welcome to World Bible School! WBS is a method of sharing the Gospel, the Truth of the Bible, with truth-seekers all over the world. Using WBS correspondence courses, anybody can simply and effectively make a spiritual impact on people’s lives. As a result, many thousands of WBS students will be baptized each year — all because a WBS teacher shared Jesus with them!

WHAT IS WORLD BIBLE SCHOOL? World Bible School is a method of teaching the gospel to the lost by using Bible Correspondence courses. This method of evangelizing has proven to be very effective in many nations. Missionaries and churches of Christ in other nations have had to bear the whole load of finding and teaching converts. Now WBS is able to use such people as you in the vast work of world evangelism. Through WBS you will be able to contact prospective Christians, teach them the basics of Christianity, and help them contact local churches. Many people will be taught in places where missionaries and churches (congregations) have never reached.  You can find out more about World Bible School by clicking on the following web address:

World Bible School – Student Portal

BACKGROUND. World Bible School was formally founded by Jimmie Lovell in 1973.  In fact the foundation was laid in Nashville, TN, during World War II when printed Bible lessons and correspondence course work was prepared and sent to American troops overseas.  WBS is presently directed by bro. R. H. (Tex Williams) who works under the oversight of the elders of the Westover Hills Church of Christ in Austin, Texas.  The Westover Hill’s congregation furnishes office space to be used by WBS and provides volunteer help to implement the basic working of the program.

HOW IS JERSEY VILLAGE INVOLVED? The primary way the Jersey Village Church of Christ is involved in World Bible School is through the WBS Online Program.  If you are a member of the church, and would like to become involved in this wonderful ministry as a Teacher / Study Helper, please contact Brian Bishop, Deacon of Missions.  Before a person can become a Teacher, they must first register at World Bible School at the following address:

World Bible School – Teacher Registration Portal