Family Devotional #40

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The Gospel According to Mark Week # 40

OBJECTIVE: To read about and discuss the life of Jesus, applying his teachings to our lives.

Feasting on the Word: Mark, Chapter 1 The book of Mark is a fast-moving account of the life of Jesus. Notice as you read this chapter that Mark jumps from one event to another, often using the words “immediately” and “at once.” (Read the chapter aloud.)

Family Discussion: (1:1-8) Mark’s account of the gospel does not begin with the birth of Jesus. What does it begin with? Why did this man come to be known as “John the Baptist”? What was John’s purpose in life?
(1:9-13) Where and by whom was Jesus baptized? What happened immediately after his baptism? Who was the “voice from Heaven”? Where did Jesus go next? Why?
(1:14-20) What is “the good news”? Name the four fishermen who left everything to follow Jesus. What did Jesus tell them? What did that mean?
(1:21-34) How was Jesus’ way of teaching different from the scribes? Isn’t it interesting that the evil spirit testified that Jesus was the Holy One of God? By what authority did Jesus cast out the demon? How do you think the man felt? Which one of Simon’s (Peter’s) relatives was ill? What did Jesus do? What happened later that evening?
(1:35-39) Where and at what time of day did Jesus go to pray? Why do you think Jesus went away to pray all alone? In Matthew 6:6, what does Jesus tell us about our private prayers?
(1:40-45) What did the leper say? What did Jesus reply? How long did it take the man to get well? Why did Jesus order this man not to tell?