Family Devotional #44

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Week # 44
OBJECTIVE: To read about and discuss the life of Jesus, applying his
teachings to our lives.
Feasting on the Word:
Mark, Chapter 6 (As you read, notice that Jesus is becoming famous now!)
Family Discussion:
(6:1-6) What did Jesus do on the Sabbath? How did the hearers react?
Did Jesus have brothers and sisters? (Did they have the same mother as
Jesus? Did they have the same father?) Why did the people in his own
country have trouble believing in him as the Son of God?
(6:7-13) What did Jesus tell his twelve apostles to do as he sent them out in
pairs? What curse was upon those who would not receive them? What did
the apostles preach to the people? What else did they do?
(6:14-29) When Herod heard about Jesus, whom did he think Jesus was?
Why? What impulsive thing had Herod done when he saw Herodias’ daughter
dance? What did she ask for? Why didn’t Herod tell her no?
(6:30-44) When Jesus’ apostles returned, why did Jesus try to get them to a
deserted place? Was Jesus angry when the crowd found them? Later that
day, why did the apostles want to send the crowd away? What miracle did
Jesus perform that day? How did he do it?
(6:45-52) How was Jesus able to walk on water? Was he originally trying to
get to the boat that the apostles were in? When they saw him, what did they
think he was? What did Jesus say and do? How did the apostles react? How
would you have felt if you had been there?
(6:53-56) Describe what the crowds did when Jesus arrived. Why do you
think God gave Jesus the power to heal? Name at least two reasons.
Challenge: What do you learn from…
…the attitude of the people who were “offended” by Jesus, in verse 3? Are
some people offended by Jesus today? Why?
…the fact that Jesus prayed before the meal when feeding the 5,000?
Do you remember to pray before EVERY meal?