Family Devotional #50

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The Gospel According to Mark Week # 50
OBJECTIVE: To read about and discuss the life of Jesus, applying His teachings to our lives.
Feasting on the Word: Mark, Chapter 14 (As you read, notice how events are starting to lead to the cross.)
Family Discussion: (14:1-2) What feast was taking place? What did the chief priests and the scribes want to do to Jesus? What keeps them from doing so? Why would these men hate Jesus so much? (14:3-9) While at Simon the leper’s house, what did Mary of Bethany anoint Christ with? Was it expensive? How did some feel about using such expensive oil? How did Jesus respond to them? What lesson do we learn from “she did what she could”? Can Jesus say that about you? (14:10-11) Who did Judas go and speak with? What did he say he would do? How did this make the chief priests feel when they heard this? (14:12-16) What feast were they preparing for? Jesus tells them to go in to town and they would find what? When the disciples went into town did they find it as He said? Think back as you have studied the book of Mark. How many times has Jesus told them how things would be and they were exactly as He said? (14:17-21) Again, Jesus predicts what is going to happen. What did some of the disciples begin to ask when Christ said that one of the twelve would betray him? (14:22-25) What do the emblems of the Lord’s Supper represent? Does it still represent the same things today? How important is the Lord’s Supper? How should we conduct ourselves during the Lord’s Supper? (14:26-31) How confident was Peter that he would not “stumble”? Do we sometimes get overconfident? What usually happens we get overconfident? (14:32-42) Who did Jesus take with him as he went to pray? How did Jesus describe his personal feelings? How many times did he pray? What did he pray? What did the disciples do while he prayed? (14:43-52) Who did Judas lead to Christ? How did Judas identify Jesus? What did the disciples do? (vs. 50) (14:53-65) Where did they take Jesus? Who followed them at a distance? Could the chief priests and the council find any testimony to put Jesus to death? (vs. 55) In verse 61, what did they ask Jesus? How did He answer? What happens then? (14:66-72) What does Peter do three times? What was it that Peter said he would never do? (21-31) How did Peter feel after the rooster crowed?
Challenge: Reflecting on Peter and his overconfidence, what are some ways in which we can become over confident? List some different ways that we can deny Christ. How should we feel when we deny Christ? Are there times in your life that you should ask God to forgive you for being scared to follow His plan?