Family Devotional Week 10

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Telling the Truth
Week #10
OBJECTIVE: To read and discuss what God says about telling the truth.
Feasting on the Word:
Acts 4:32 through 5:11
Revelation 21:8
Proverbs 12:22
Family Discussion:
What happened to Ananias when he told a lie? What happened to Sapphira
when she lied, too?
If Ananias and Sapphira had told the truth about how much money they
kept from the sale of the land, and how much they were giving to the
church, how would this story have been different?
Why do you think verse 11 says, “Great fear seized the whole church and
all who heard about these events”?
Who always knows when you are lying? What does God say in Revelation
21:8 about liars?
Read Proverbs 12:22. How does God feel about lying? How does he feel
about people who are honest?
Jesus had a saying that is repeated over and over in the New Testament.
Find out what it was by reading Matthew 18:3, Luke 21:3, and Luke 23:43.
Do you think Jesus always told the truth? Why?
Imagine what would happen if no one ever told the truth. Could you believe
your history teacher? Would you trust your doctor? What if an air traffic
controller lied to a pilot about a clear runway? Think of some more
examples. Why is it so important to always tell the truth?