Family Devotional Week 37

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Rich Oppressors Will Be Judged Week #37
OBJECTIVE: To read and discuss James’ warning to those who oppress others.
Feasting on the Word: James 5:1-6
Family Discussion: To whom does James direct this section of Scripture? (vs. 1) Why does he tell them to weep and howl? What does James say about their riches, in verses 2 and 3?
What had these rich oppressors done wrong? (vs. 4) What does it mean that “the cries of the reaper have reached the ears of the Lord”?
These rich oppressors lived in luxury while the people who worked for them were not paid, and were mistreated. What does verse 5 say this is like? Explain.
Verse 6 tells of more sins of the oppressors. What are they?
You may be thinking, “This doesn’t apply to me. I am not a rich person with unpaid workers.” So why do you think the Lord included this warning in the book of James? How can this principal apply to each of us?
The main idea of this section of Scripture is “be fair to others.” It is not a sin to be rich, but what is the danger of it? Consider this: Most people in povertystricken, third world countries think of EVERY American as rich. Compared to people who have very little food or clothes, or no home to live in…are you rich? What can you conclude?
Read Matthew 19:16-30 to find out what Jesus told a rich man to do.

Discuss these proverbs: Proverbs 22:2 & 16; Proverbs 28:6

Challenge: How can each person in the family use their own money to honor God? Start a piggy bank fund to help someone in need.