Family Devotional Week 38

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Patient And Persevering Week #38

OBJECTIVE: To read and discuss what James says about patience and perseverance.

Feasting on the Word: James 5:7-12

Family Discussion: What is the first thing James tells us to be patient for? (vs. 7) What word picture does James use to illustrate this? According to verse 8, how does that apply to us? Discuss what it means that “the coming of the Lord is at hand.”
What does it mean to “grumble” against one another? (vs. 9) Why should we NOT do this? Who is “the Judge” who is standing at the door? If we are patient with each other, it will keep us from grumbling!
Verse 10 speaks of prophets who were patient in suffering. For one example, read the story of Daniel and the lions’ den in Daniel 6:1-23. Verse 11 says the prophets were counted as blessed because of their endurance.
Verse 11 also names another person who endured patiently during suffering. Who was it? Tell the story or read from the book named after him, chapters 1, 2, and 42.
So, James is telling us to be patient about the Lord’s coming, be patient with each other, and be patient during suffering. How can you train yourself to be patient in each of those circumstances?
Verse 12 is an important commandment to us. Read and discuss its meaning. What is the warning at the end of verse 12?

Challenge: We are to be patient for the Lord’s coming. Have you thought about the fact that TODAY may be the day? Do you keep that in mind every day? Since we don’t know when it will happen, what should we be doing to get ready? Do you need to make changes in your life?