Family Devotional Week 43

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The Gospel According to Mark Week # 43
OBJECTIVE: To read about and discuss the life of Jesus, applying his teachings to our lives.
Feasting on the Word: Mark, Chapter 5 (As you read, notice the supernatural power of Jesus!)
Family Discussion: (5:1-5) Who met Jesus and the disciples as they got out of the boat? What is an “unclean spirit” or “evil spirit”? Where did the man live? What did people do to try to “tame” the man? Did it work? What else did the man do?
(5:6-9) Did the evil spirit know who Jesus was? If the demon believed in Jesus as the Son of God, did that make him “saved”? Why not? Read also James 2:14-19! Was there actually one evil spirit or many in one person?
(5:10-20) Did Jesus have power over the demons? Where did Jesus send the demons? What happened to them? How was the man, after the demons left him? Why did the people ask Jesus to leave? What did Jesus tell the healed man to do? Did he do it?
(5:21-24) Who was Jairus? Why was he upset? What did he ask for?
(5:25-34) While Jesus was on his way to Jairus’ house, what happened? Did the woman ask Jesus to heal her? How did she get well? How did Jesus know what she had done before she admitted it?
(5:35-43) What did the messengers tell Jairus? What did Jesus say about that? How did Jesus heal her? How do you think the little girl’s parents felt? How was Jesus able to accomplish this great thing? Compare this story to the statement Jesus makes in John 11:25-26.
Challenge: What do you learn from…
…Jesus’ words, “Go home to your friends…tell them what great things the Lord has done for you, and how He has had compassion on you”?
…the fact that some Jews hated Jesus and tried to kill him, but others (like Jairus) believed? Does faith in Jesus still divide people today?