Family Devotionals #48

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Week # 48
OBJECTIVE: To read about and discuss the life of Jesus, applying His teachings to our lives.
Feasting on the Word: Mark, Chapters 11 & 12 (As you read, notice how some people worship Jesus, and others are against him.)
Family Discussion: (11:1-11) What did Jesus tell the disciples to go and get for Him? What did those who went before Him shout?
(11:12-24) What were the people doing inside the temple? What did Jesus do about it? What did He tell them? How did the scribes and chief priests react? What did Jesus teach his disciples about the withered fig tree?
(11:25-26) Should we forgive others of things that they have done to us? What must we do for God to be able to forgive us? How important is it for us to have God’s forgiveness?
(11:27-33) What questions did the scribes and high priests ask Jesus? How did Jesus respond? Did they answer the question that Jesus responded with? Why not? Whose authority did Jesus work under?
(12:1-12) What did a man plant? Who did he hire to work the vineyard? What did they do to the men that the owner sent to the vineyard? What did they do to the son of the owner? How did the scribes and high priests feel about this parable? Why did they not do something to Jesus? What do you think this parable foretells?
(12:13-17) Do you think the Pharisees and Herodians were trying to flatter Jesus to get him “off guard”? What is hypocrisy? How were these people being hypocrites? Are there any hypocrites in the church today? Are Christians obligated to pay taxes? (Rom. 13:1ff)
(12:18-40) What do you learn about the resurrection in verses 18-27? Why is loving God and one’s neighbor the most important commandment? What is the “kingdom of God” this man was not “far from”? (v. 34) Do you think there will be degrees of punishment in hell? (v. 40, Luke 12:47f)
(12:41-44) What lesson do we learn from the widow’s giving? What do we learn from “Jesus… watched…”? Read and discuss Hebrews 4:13 and Matthew 6:3-4.
Challenge: Reflecting on what Jesus said about the fig tree incident, what level of faith was he demanding of his disciples then? What about us? Discuss Mark 11:24. What if we have faith, but we ask God for something that is selfish or sinful? Discuss James 4:2-3. What have you been praying for lately? How is your attitude?