Family Devotionals

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Whose Team Are You On?
Week #34

OBJECTIVE: To discuss the dangers of chasing a selfish, worldly life.

Feasting on the Word:
James 4:1-6
I John 2:15-17

Family Discussion:
Where do wars and fights come from? (James 4:1)
Who does a selfish person want to take care of first?
In James 4:3, why did they not have what they wanted?
Who should we want a friendship with? (James 4:4)
When one chooses a friendship with the world, what does it do to their
friendship with God? (James 4:4)
What do you feel when you think about being an enemy of God?
What does God tell us we need to resist in James 4:6?
Read Proverbs 11:2, 13:10, 16:18, 29:23. What dangers are there found in
being prideful?
How do you feel about people who are “full of them selves?”
Who does God give grace to? (James 4:6)
Who should we be “full of?” (Galatians 2:20)

As we look at our family, do we find ourselves fighting and arguing? If so,
what would be some ways that would lessen the fights and arguing? What
kind of family would you have if each person worked to make the other
person’s life better? How can we destroy selfishness and pride? (Luke 9:23,
Romans 12:1-2) What are you willing to give up so that your family will have
more peace?

Family Project: Take time to work on your family project. (Refer to list.)