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This week, Lisa and I are in Sevierville, TN for Polishing the Pulpit. PTP is an annual event that serves to energize and educate God’s people to be better servants in the kingdom. From 8:30 in the morning until 10:30 each evening are classes for preachers, elders, deacons, youth ministers, parents, teens, teachers, in fact, there are classes for all Christians. Some 4,000 members of the Lord’s church from all over the country attend this great conference. What a wonderful and blessed event PTP is and I wish to thank the elders for allowing us the time off to attend. While we will miss our family at JV, we look forward to being with God’s people at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Being gone this week means that our September seminar “Origins” with Dr. Brad Harrub will seem even more like it is right upon us. I really hope and pray that you will set plans to attend this extremely interesting series that will help us have a better understanding of God’s creation. In case you haven’t seen it on the website or if you missed the announcement last Sunday, the schedule for the series is as follows: 
Fri. 9/25          7:00pm         Atheism’s Attack on America (followed by Q/A)
Sat. 9/26          6:30pm         Exploding Evidence on the Age of the Earth
                     7:30pm         The Dinosaur Dilemma (followed by Q/A)
Sun. 9/27         9:00am         Scientific Accuracy of the Bible
                    10:00am        Are You Convicted?

Dr. Harrub is the co-Founder of Focus Press and is the coeditor of Think magazine. He earned his doctorate degree in Anatomy and Neurobiology. Brad has written a number of books and is a highly sought after and gifted speaker. Hosting Dr. Harrub at JV is a wonderful opportunity for the church to not only strengthen our own faith, but this series also provides us the perfect chance to invite our friends, neighbors, co-workers and fellow students who are not part of the JV family.

So many in our world today have been purposely misinformed about God’s great creation. Our children are taught scientific ‘theory’ in public schools that is presented as ‘fact’. They are lead to believe that Christianity is faith based, while theories like “The Big Bang” and “evolution” are fact based. The simple truth is that to believe that life came from non-life, that one day there was nothing at all and then suddenly – BANG – there was life; such a belief is not only completely unprovable, but it requires much more faith than to believe Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

I would even go a step further and say that if you don’t fully believe Genesis 1:1, then how can you believe anything else in God’s Word? For if Genesis 1:1 is not 100% true, then how much faith can you have in John 3:16, Acts 2:38 or Romans 5:8?   Either all Scripture comes from the breath of God (2 Timothy 3:16) or every word of the Bible is suspect. Therefore, it is critical that we learn as much as we can about the origins of our universe. We can’t rely on science and our education system to explain what is, in fact, impossible for them to explain without God. Instead, we need to seek the answers in God’s Word AND in the available evidence that we can actually touch and feel. Dr. Harrub’s series provides us with both. I cannot stress enough how important this weekend is for both your own faith, but also as an opportunity to share the truth of God with those not in a saved relationship with our Lord.

This Sunday, while we’re in Tennessee, JV will be blessed to have Brother Joe Barnett preach Sunday morning and our Young Professional singles group to bring us the evening service. Please support and encourage these as they serve the Lord!

May God bless us all as we seek to be His faithful and fruitful children! May He lead us to all truth; especially the truth of our existence, how we can be saved and spend eternity in heaven with Him!