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People frequently ask me about study materials and/or books to read for spiritual growth.  I suspect this is because most know that I didn’t go to a Bible college or attend any kind of preaching school. However, I do read a lot and make use of the resources that are available to us from modern technology.  Unlike many preachers, I don’t have a library in my office of hundreds, even thousands of books and that’s because if you have an internet connection, you have a world of knowledge at your fingertips. For example, I have a copy of “The Pulpit Commentaries” from Truman Springs’ library. It is 23 volumes, each about 700 pages long and it takes up an entire shelf in the bookcase in my office.  This set was a standard for preachers of past generations.  To purchase a similar set of books today would likely cost over a $1000.  But…you don’t need to buy it because you can get the entire set for free online!

I thought it might be valuable to some if I shared with you some online tools that you can use for study.  I know there are tons of other resources that I won’t mention and please know that I am not excluding many of them for any other reason than I either don’t know about them or I just haven’t had time to look at them.

At a later date I will publish a list of magazines and periodicals that I read regularly, along with a list of books that I have read, am reading or plan to read.  I hope these help your studies!  Anyway, here’s a list of excellent web resources.

  • Burton Coffman’s Commentary at Brother Coffman preached in the Lord’s church for many decades and wrote a commentary of the entire Bible.
  • is a free download that includes Bible versions, commentaries, dictionaries, concordances and other excellent material. Additionally, you can purchase other material if you wish. The aforementioned “Pulpit Commentaries” are included for free with this software.
  • is website that includes Brother Wayne Jackson’s essays over a variety of doctrinal subjects that are timely and deal with issues in the church and in the world at large. Just type in a topic and his great scholarship is at your fingertips.
  • is a site that includes parallel texts, original language texts, cross references, concordances and many other very helpful study tools. This is a wonderful place to see the meanings of the original Hebrew and Greek words.
  • is a site where you can type in any topic and it will bring up dozens of verses relative to that subject. It is very helpful for specific studies.
  • is a site that provides many different study resources including a Bible search tool that makes finding answers easy. Additionally you can cut and paste Bible text from dozens of translations.
  • is the “Gospel Broadcast Network”, a 24 hour/7 day a week online TV station that has a variety of panel discussions, live sermons and other uplifting and educational content all done by preachers in the Lord’s church.
  • is a blog written by Brother Steve Higginbotham, who preaches for the Karns Church of Christ in Knoxville, TN. Steve’s blog is extremely insightful and well written. I promise you that you will be challenged by his writing.

This is good sample of free resources to help you study God’s Word more deeply. Feel free to tell me about your favorites as well.  May we all seek our theme for this quarter: “Revive our study, O Lord, according to Your Word.”