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If you weren’t already aware that many in our country are not exactly friendly towards Christians, including those in the highest offices of our government and certainly in our mainstream press, then the events of the last week should be sounding alarm bells in your head. In the wake of the massacre in San Bernardino, the New York Daily News ran a front page headline screaming, “God Isn’t Fixing This!” The point of the article is that the prayers of Christians are worthless in comparison to the power of man’s laws.

On the heels of this, the Attorney General of the United States announced this week that she would have the United States government prosecute anyone who uses anti-Muslim speech that “edges toward violence.” I wonder if the Attorney General will do the same when Christians continue to be routinely slandered and threatened, and when the rights of Christians are consistently stomped on?

The idea that an office “holiday party” somehow offended Syed Farook and caused him to kill 14 people has already been floated in the press. How long before we begin to hear politicians saying that no ‘Christian’ holidays can be celebrated in public so that Muslims aren’t offended? You think that sounds crazy? I promise you that prior to 1962, removing prayer from public schools sounded crazy as well. I would also remind you that when the Defense of Marriage Act, which upheld marriage as a union ONLY between a man and a woman, was passed by overwhelming majorities in both the House (342-67) and Senate (85-14), and signed into law by President Bill Clinton, no one could have imagined that less than 20 years later homosexual marriage would become the law of the land.

How is all this happening? How is it that a nation founded on the principles of God’s Word, who for nearly two centuries have had her leaders unashamedly proclaim their faith in the God of the Bible, now has become a place where the Christian faith is routinely ostracized while at the same time our government seems bent on celebrating Islam and ignoring the obvious dangers to our nation by the fanatical elements of this so called “religion of peace”?

Let me share with you what I believe with all my heart: There is only one solution to this mess and that is when our government, our media and our citizens realize the truth – only God can fix this! They can pass all the bills they want to. They can punish law abiding citizens by taking away our rights. They can create a police state where your every move is monitored. They can take away the freedom to speak and even think as you wish. They can do all that and more and we won’t be any better off then than we are now. Why? Because men and their laws can’t fix this…only God can!

Christians need to wake up and start paying close attention to reality, not the propaganda that we are being fed by politicians and the media. We cannot be afraid to speak the truth. We can’t allow ourselves to be bullied into submission. Christians need to get involved in the process and start voting for the most moral candidates; those who refuse to bow their knee to Satan. But above all, more than anything else, Christians need to be on their knees daily for the soul of our nation…not so that we can win political battles, but so that we can freely preach the gospel and worship as we choose without interference from the government or from radical elements.

Prayer is the best answer for our nation. Prayer is the only answer for our nation. Why? Because the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. (James 5:16).

Our nation and our world are in a terrible, immoral and ungodly spiral and the real truth is this: Only God can fix this.