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The story is told of a man being pulled over on the Autobahn because he didn’t have the required sticker to drive on the German superhighway.  The man had rented the car in another country, a country that didn’t require such a sticker.  He explained to the authorities the situation and was quickly told that it didn’t matter; the penalty for violating the law was $150.  He again politely explained that he was not aware of the requirement, but he was told that there were signs at the border that warned about the sticker.  However, since the signs were in a language he didn’t speak, he didn’t read the warning and didn’t know.  He was quite frustrated to find out that a $3.50 sticker would have kept him from having to pay such a high fine.

Later, he realized the spiritual truth in this encounter.  How many people will step into eternity unprepared because they never knew what God demanded of them, or they had been told but in a ‘language’ they didn’t understand.  Their penalty would be even greater than a traffic fine, yet it could have been avoided by a simple act of obedience.

How many will pay the price for all eternity because they never knew what was required?  How many of those are going to be people we knew, but we never told them the truth?

This powerful story is in the August issue of Think Magazine.  If you aren’t familiar with Think, it is a monthly publication that has its motto, “Current issues from a distinctly Christian view.”  The editors and writers are all members of the Lord’s church and they have put together a very slick looking, very readable and very enlightening periodical that is ‘must’ reading in my life and I believe would greatly benefit your life as well.  For the price of one single dinner at most restaurants, you can get a 1 year subscription and, trust me, 12 issues of Think will bring you much more benefit than a single meal.

Many Christians are not aware of publications like Think.   Out of habit, we believe that we have to get our news from 24 hour cable news channels, or newspapers, internet news sites or even traditional new magazines like Time.   While I am not saying that those sources are inherently bad, their perspective is a secular one and, at least for me, spending more than a few minutes watching or reading these is enough to put me in a week’s worth of depression.   How much bad news do we need to realize how messed up things are?  It has taken me years of growing in spiritual maturity to realize that getting all worked up about the things in this world is pretty much a waste of effort because I don’t belong to this world!  I finally understand what Paul meant when he wrote, “For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ” (Philippians 3:20 NKJV).

The August issue of Think has articles for parents considering where to send their children to college and compares the benefits of a Christian college vs. a traditional university; there’s an article about how technology can be and should be better used by the church today to reach young people; an article about how to better plan and manage your time; being a Christian example in your workplace; a wonderful look at Jesus’ parable of the Unjust Servant that will really make you stop and think about how Christians interact in our world today; an article that will help Christians raise children to love the Lord; an article on growing older and wiser, on touching the lives of the untouchable, on learning thanksgiving, dating, the crisis at our border from a Christian perspective and how to better view the real person behind their mask.  Think even has a monthly section for children which includes 4 weeks of family devotionals.

In other words, Think has articles on things relevant to the lives of God’s people!  “Current Issues from a Distinctly Christian View”.

I am not a paid (or unpaid) spokesman for Think, but I am a Christian who is happy to share with others something that I believe will benefit their lives.  Of course, nothing takes the place of reading and studying God’s Word and we should never use anything written by uninspired men in place of inspired Scripture.  However, magazines like Think will give you much more direction than what the mainstream secular media will as you seek to navigate the narrow path that leads to the crown of life for those live by faith (Revelation 2:10).

Do you and your family a favor:  Turn off the news and pick up Think.