Bless the World Groups at Jersey Village church of Christ are a vital part of our mission as a church to Worship God, Love and be Loved and to Serve the World Around Us. These small groups began in 2019 and provide our members the opportunity to build stronger personal relationships with the body of believers, offer and receive support through prayer, and assist in welcoming and connecting with the world around us. We can be the instruments Jesus uses to bring about spiritual growth similar to the example in Acts 2:42 “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” We see that the first century church was growing in grace and knowledge, providing a sense of community among the believers, worshiping together and praying for one another.

Bless Groups typically meet the second Sunday of each month with a few adjustments for some holidays.  These groups are typically led by some of our deacons or ministry leaders or even former elders. The groups are free to organize around common interests and are currently focused around location of members and family demographics. Most groups meet in a member’s home but some meet at the building.

Bless Group meetings include a period of personal sharing and prayer as each of us reflect on our life situations and communicate personal needs or needs of others close to us, Bible study aimed at applying scripture to our real life situations, and communication of ministry opportunities help identify individual spiritual gifts and encourage service in the ministries of the congregation. The small group setting also provides an informal, attractive option for family, neighbors, visitors and new members to become connected to the body.

Consider being involved in one of the Bless the World Groups!