Jersey Village supports mission efforts in the West African nation of Ghana through the work of Francis Kojo Agyare, coordinator for World Bible School (WBS) in Tema, Ghana. Francis was born in Kojofoso (eastern Ghana) in 1964 and became a Christian through the work of WBS missionaries in 1981. Three years later, he began his own mission work with WBS. In addition to his duties as coordinator, he also teaches classes for WBS and has over 4500 students, many of whom have obeyed the gospel. Francis conducts mission trip to towns and villages throughout Ghana where he preaches, teaches, and makes personal contacts. He was particularly instrumental in establishing the church in Assin Bereku (central Ghana). Francis and his wife, Stella, have two children, Barnabas and Ruth. They all live in Tema and are members of the Tema Church of Christ (Vertical Center).

Jersey Village has supported Francis since 1990. Our support has consisted of WBS materials, funds for postage, clothing, food, song books, school feeds for needy children, building materials, and distribution of Bibles in both English and Twi (principal language of the southern region of Ghana). Francis says that JV’s support has been a wonderful example of Christ’s mercy and love to many in Ghana, and he hopes that we continue on our path of service so that disadvantaged children, and our Christian brethren in Ghana, all are blessed through the gospel of Jesus.

Francis continues:

“The Jersey Village congregation has really inspired me a lot through their desire to spread the good news of Christ through this WBS program. It is my recommendation that one day you will visit Ghana to see the fruit of your labor. We appreciate your concern about our mission, it is my constant prayer that our loving Father would continue to partner us together to reach out to the lost world.”

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