Jersey Village supports mission efforts in the Southeast Asian nation of Indonesia through the work of Winston and Lusi Bolt.

Winston and Lusi Bolt

The Great Commission is the bases for Mission Indonesia. This consists of making disciples, baptizing them, and teaching them all that the Lord has commanded. This is realized through:

  1. A discipleship movement which is being implemented across the entire country to call the Indonesian people to first follow Jesus according to His word and then be baptized.
  2. Batam Bible College is an accredited institution of biblical teaching and training since 1998.
  3. Batam Bible College has given birth through the alumni to a church planting program that has planted 63 churches since 2000 across the entire country, with many more to come.
  4. The discipleship movement is also the vehicle for developing the local congregations to truly become indigenous and accept the responsibility for church planting and Batam Bible College.

This work began in 1992 when Dr. Winston Bolt moved to Batam Island, Indonesia, where the church didn’t exist, with the support of Morgantown church of Christ and the Pasir Panjang church of Christ. After establishing the church he began the process of development in 1996. He did this by having the church select leaders who were called Servants of the Lord as all were too young to be elders. Today these men serve and minister to the church beyond expectations of any elder but still choose to keep the title “Servant of the Lord. “ Now after baptizing over 350 there are four congregations on the island.

In 1998 Dr. Winston Established Batam Bible College as a branch school of Sunset International Bible Institute. In 2000 five men graduated and the church planting program began. In the next five years he translated the entire curriculum into the Indonesian language. Since then school became an associate of Sunset International Bible Institute and developed into an institution of higher learning that is now accredited by the Indonesian government to bestow a Bachelors of Religion degree. The staff of the school consists of 3 Ph.D. degrees, 5 Master degrees, and 3 Bachelor degrees. This will ensure the continuality and quality of the institution.

The church planting program has resulted in 63 new congregations being established on the islands of Java, Sumatra, Borneo (Kalimatan), Sulawesi, Nias, Papua (western New Guinea) which are all the major islands in Indonesia.

At this time we are embarking on establishing a Discipleship Movement across the country to begin the process of truly developing the churches into indigenous congregations. Many methods of development have been tried but none produced the desired results. Discipleship is the biblical method that Jesus gave to us to establish and expand the church. So we will simply follow what the Lord has commanded, which will result in planting more churches. And more importantly it will result in the development of the churches in Indonesia so that they will accept the responsibility for planting new churches and supporting Batam Bible College.

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