Our mission efforts in the Philippines consist of support for Samuel Sinco, in the province of Aklan.

Samuel “Sammy” Sinco was born in 1961 in the Philippines, and was baptized into Christ in October 1988 by an American missionary. Since then, he has been very active in the church in metro Manilla. He married his wife, Janel, in 1994. They have two children, Camille Patriz and Samuel Jr. In 1997, Sammy became a self-supporting preacher, helping to establish the church in Taguig City where he served as an evangelist for two years. In 1999, he moved his family to Butuan City to attend Sunrise Christian College. Two years later, and at the request of the church in Cebu City, he moved his family to Kalibo Aklan on Panay Island. From there, he does mission work throughout Panay and Boracay islands. The church in Kalibo currently has twenty adults and a dozen young people actively involved in worship services. Children’s Sunday school has an average of ten. Total membership is now about forty and growing.

To read the latest reports of Sammy’s work in the Philippines, click on one of the links below:
Report – 2011-04-11.