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“55 and Better”

This ministry is directed toward those nearing retirement or coming into retirement age. The purpose of this ministry is to motivate mature Christians to their full potential in the service of Christ and keep them as a viable part of the congregation’s activities. We also want to serve the spiritual, social, and physical needs of the mature Christian. This ministry is performed by Johnny Thompson under the oversight of Robert Efird.

Administration & Finance

The primary purpose of this ministry is to provide the congregation with responsible accounting and administration oversight. Financial statements are prepared monthly and made available to all. This ministry is performed by Darrell Fannin and Steve Hoza under the oversight of Brian McDonald.


The purpose of this area is to meet the physical needs of those outside the congregation as well as members of the Church of Christ in Jersey Village. Donations of food and other misc. items to homes for children are also provided. Support for the Impact Church of Christ in downtown Houston is provided through various activities. At least two blood drives are conducted at the building each year that is coordinated by Frank Kalenda. John Bonner and Chris Hose coordinates this ministry, and Gil Pipkin and Mark Shillings are the liaison to the Impact church, both under the oversight of Brian McDonald.

Children’s Ministry, Education, Bible Classes & VBS

This ministry provides the vital task of bringing our children closer to Christ through scripturally based interactive lessons, memorization work, scripture reading and other biblically based activities. Our teachers are baptized loving Christians implementing a well-developed scriptural curriculum in a nurturing and loving Christian environment. This ministry is under the leadership of Stephen Avila and Travis King as the deacons, Wanda Bunn as Bible Hour and LTC coordinator, and Laura Dodson as Village Kid coordinator with the oversight from Brian McDonald.

Children’s Homes Ministry

We financially support 4 homes across Texas that provide care for orphans, abused children and foster children without parents able to care for them.  We send birthday and encouragement cards to the children.  We support the homes as special needs arise.  We also try to maintain a relationship with each home.

Communion/Baptism Preparation

This ministry concerns the preparation and clean-up of the Lord’s Supper, as well as baptismal clothing, laundering, and availability. Kyle Survance coordinates this under Brian McDonald’s oversight.

Education, Adult Bible Classes

The Adult Education Ministry seeks to fulfill the Great Commission and make disciples by teaching to observe all that Jesus commanded (Matthew 28:20).  We strive to provide relevant, Biblically based classes for people at all levels of spiritual maturity that will help each to better understand God’s will and purpose for their lives so that we all become the people that God has called us to be.  With both discussion and lecture classes, we provide opportunities for every style of learning as we seek to develop in all of our participants a love and hunger for the Word of God. Shawn Biggers and John Gooch coordinates this ministry under the oversight of Daron Cathey.

 Elderly Care Ministry

To visit church of Christ Jersey Village members and their families who are confined to assisted living and nursing facilities and to encourage them by conducting worship and communion services where needed and to provide prayers and fellowship while present. John Bonner and Clifton Alexander coordinates this ministry under the oversight of Doug McCullough.


This ministry allows us to teach the Bible through correspondence courses and home Bible studies. We are currently involved with World Bible School corresponding with individuals in several countries. We also have a “Know Your Bible” course for people living in the local area. Various other programs to reach the local community with the gospel are provided. Chacun Anderson coordinates this ministry, Jim Avalos coordinates the local Spanish ministry, and Brian Bishop works with Wold Bible School. All Elders guide this ministry.

First Impressions

Maintain a systematic greeting program that makes every visitor feel welcome and at home and collect information on our guests for follow‑up. Clifton Alexander coordinates this program so that every visitor feels welcome when they visit our family. He also schedules greeters and Welcome Center attendants. Brian McDonald oversees this program.

Hospital Visitation

To visit and encourage COCJV members and their families when they are in a hospital. Schedule visits so that no patient gets overlooked during their stay and prayers are offered during every visit. This ministry is driven by all the elders and ministers at JV. Doug McCullough oversees this program.

Local Spanish Ministry

The elders of the Jersey Village Church of Christ are providing a worship service in the Spanish language. It will meet each Sunday evening at 6 PM. JV also has Bible classes in Spanish every Wednesday night and Sunday morning in the Fellowship Hall. Jim Avalos works with this ministry under the oversight of Doug McCullough.

Men’s Ministry

Organize regular and periodic events for men including breakfasts, retreats, prayer sessions, work parties, seminars, service projects etc., with the objective of helping our men to grow as Christians, husbands, fathers and brothers. Nick Lockhart coordinates this ministry under Robert Efird’s oversight.

Missions/Prison Ministry

This ministry is focused on spreading the Gospel in other locations. In India we coordinate support for approximately 180 preachers plus Dale Foster. We also help support Sammy Sinco in the Philippines, Francis Agyare in Ghana and Winston Bolt in Indonesia and Andrew Shipley in Lubbock, TX. Ministry also includes teaching weekly Bible classes at a Core Civic Detention facility near Houston Intercontinental Airport. Jim Avalos is the coordinator of the Mexico missionaries and Brian Bishop coordinates the Philippines, Indonesia, Ghana, Andrew Shipley and the Prison ministries for JV. Dale Foster is over our India missions at JV. All men are under the oversight of Doug McCullough.

New Members & Involvement

The goal of this ministry is to make everyone feel welcome and to ensure that every member is active in some ministry and leading to personal growth as well as growth in the Kingdom of God. This ministry also prepares and updates a pictorial directory of members of the congregation. Joe Majkrzak coordinates the involvement-side of this ministry, and Gloria Bishop handles the directory, both under the oversight of Robert Efird.

Physical Facilities

This ministry is to provide and maintain, assisted by designated men, adequate, attractive physical facilities for the congregation’s worship, teaching, fellowship and work activities. Gary Ott serves as our custodian under the leadership of Chris Hose and oversight of Robert Efird.

Safety Ministry

The purpose of the Safety Ministry is to provide a safe environment for our members & guests who worship with us or utilize the facilities. To provide info., doc. and training that will provide for the prevention, protection, mitigation, response & recovery to a threat. The church of Christ in Jersey Village provides for the spiritual well-being and the Safety ministry will add to the physical well-being of our members and guests. Chacun Anderson coordinates this ministry under the oversight of Robert Efird.


This ministry is to set up and maintain the Church electronic media system and the Church web site. Scott Chitwood is the leadership of this ministry under the oversight of Robert Efird.

Transportation Ministry

This ministry provides transportation for COCJV members and their families for virtually any need. Call 281-469-4074 to request. This ministry is coordinated by T Traweek under the oversight of Doug McCullough.


The purpose of the Visitation Ministry is to contact those who visit our services and to encourage them to continue to attend and to eventually become members of our congregation. This ministry is coordinated by Chris Ward and guided by Doug McCullough.

Women’s Ministry

This ministry provides every woman in the congregation multiple opportunities to honor God through personal spiritual growth, service to others and fellowship with sisters in Christ. Certain activities include: Tuesday morning Bible study, Ladies day & retreat, greeting cards to sick, those needing encouragement, contributions to children’s homes, care packages to college students and more. This ministry is under the oversight of Doug McCullough.


The Worship Ministry is responsible for all areas of public worship. We are dedicated to involving as many members of the congregation as possible in song leading, preaching, Bible reading, praying, serving communion, and operating public address and video systems. Nick Lockhart and Stephen Avila coordinates the different areas of public worship, including those to serve, etc. Daron Cathey is the elder who oversees this ministry.

Young Marrieds Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to encourage and support this fast-growing segment of our congregation. A Sunday morning Bible class is held as well as numerous events such as retreats, picnics, movie nights, etc. Darrell Criss coordinates this ministry under the oversight of Daron Cathey.

Young Professional Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to encourage and support the singles of the congregation. A singles Sun. morning & Wed. evening Bible class is held as well as PM events to provide fellowship. Darrell Criss leads this ministry under the oversight of Daron Cathey.


The JV Youth Ministry is a group of 6th-12th grade teens striving to live for God and serve Him in the Jersey Village community. We have youth Bible classes and a plethora of youth activities that include: monthly devotionals, service projects, area-wide youth rallies, youth led church services, small group classes, retreats, camps, mission trips, Bible studies, fun fellowship events, college visits, visitor outreach events, and more. This ministry runs year-round. You can find all our up-to-date events and information on our youth webpage: This ministry is led by Garrett Escue and is designed to encourage spiritual development and fellowship among the Jersey Village youth. Garrett is assisted by two deacons, Scott Chitwood and Shawn Biggers, and Daron Cathey is the elder coordinating this ministry.

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