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Administration & Finance

This ministry provides responsible accounting and administrative oversight to the the congregation. Financial statements are prepared monthly and made available to any who is interested. This ministry is performed by Darrell Fannin and Steve Hoza under the oversight of Brian McDonald.


At Jersey Village, we are passionate about meeting the physical needs of those around us, regardless of whether they are a member of our church. Donations of food and other items to homes are given to children’s homes. We also support in various ways the Impact Church of Christ and her inner-city ministry in downtown Houston. We also sponsor two blood drives per year that is cooridinated by Frank Kalenda. John Bonner and Chris Hose coordinates this ministry, and Gil Pipkin and Mark Shillings are the liaison to the Impact church, both under the oversight of Brian McDonald.

Children’s Bible Hour

Children are a prized part of the Jersey Village family. The purpose of this ministry is to teach the Bible to our children on their level—ages 2 years to second grade. It is conducted each week during the Sunday morning worship service. Wanda Bunn leads this ministry with oversight from Brian McDonald.

Communion/Baptism Preparation

This ministry concerns the preparation and clean-up of the Lord’s Supper, as well as baptismal clothing, laundering, and availability. Kyle Survance coordinates this under Pat Marshall’s oversight.


We believe that God’s Word is precious and should be faithfully taught to our children (Deuteronomy 6:6-7) so that they will become men and women of God. Jersey Village members serving as teachers, assistants, department coordinators, and workroom coordinators all combine to provide an effective Bible-teaching program. Our education program is directed by Dawn Shipley under the leadership of Jim Brown with oversight from Brian McDonald.


First and foremost, Jesus commissioned his church to be fishers of men (Mark 1:17; 16:15). At Jersey Village, we are serious about fulfilling this commission; how else will others hear the good news (Romans 10:14)? We teach the Bible through correspondence courses and home Bible studies. We are currently involved with World Bible School and correspond with individuals in several countries. We also have a “Know Your Bible” course for people living in the local area. Various other programs to reach the local community with the gospel are provided. Marvin Bell coordinates this ministry, and Brian Bishop works with Wold Bible School. All Elders guide this ministry.

First Impressions

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! At Jersey Village, we understand that. Clifton Alexander coordinates this program so that every visitor feels welcome when they visit our family. He also schedules greeters and Welcome Center attendants. Brian McDonald oversees this program.

Leadership Training for Christ

Our youth participate in Leadership Training for Christ (LTC), an event normally held at the George Brown Convention Center in Houston. Activities include Bible Bowl, puppets, drama, singing, bulletin boards, art, preaching, song leading, etc.  Wanda Bunn coordinates this ministry.


LifeTeams is a small-groups ministry that provides our members the opportunity to build stronger personal relationships with one another. LifeTeams meet the second Sunday of each month. Most groups meet in a member’s home, but some occasionally gather at the building. The meetings include a period of Bible study, discussion of ministry opportunities, prayer, and fellowship. Tim Deines and Philip Franklin both work with the LifeTeams ministry and are overseen by Daron Cathey.

Men’s Ministry

Gil Pipkin organizes regular events in order to foster spiritual growth and fellowship among the men of Jersey Village. These events include bi-montly prayer breakfasts, an annual retreats, special seminars, service projects, etc. In this ministry, the men of Jersey Village learn to be better Christians, husbands, fathers, brothers, and servants. Gil coordinates this ministry under Daron Cathey’s oversight.

Missions/Prison Ministry

Believing that it is important that the message of the gospel not be limited to our immediate community, Jersey Village sponsors several mission works. In India, we support 25 native preachers, an orphans’ home, and the mission works of Dale Foster (a former pulpit minister at Jersey Village). We also help support Sammy Sinco in the Philippines, Francis Agyare in Ghana, Winston Bolt in Indonesia, and Andrew Shipley in Homestead, Florida. Closer to home, Jersey Village conducts a weekly Bible study at a Houston-area correctional facility called CCA. Several men at Jersey Village coordinate these works, including Brian Bishop, Jim Avalos, and Doug McCullough; all of the elders oversee this ministry.

New Members & Involvement

We want our members to consider Jersey Village their home and to be active in all of the great things that we are doing. Participating in our ministries is a great way to experience personal growth and make a contribution to the Kingdom of God! This ministry also prepares and distributes pictorial directories to the congregation. Joe Majkrzak coordinates the involvement-side of this ministry, and Gloria Bishop handles the directory, both under the oversight of Daron Cathey.

Physical Facilities

Maintaining the building and grounds at Jersey Village is a lot of work, and we are grateful to our deacon, Gil Pipkin, for seeing to our facility needs. They are assisted by several men of the congregation, but we are also in need of more volunteers! This ministry is overseen by Pat Marshall.


Jersey Village loves her senior saints, and we consider them to be VIPs! For those nearing retirement-age and older, the VIP ministry strives to help them meet their full potential in Christ. Several field trips are scheduled throughout the year, and other activities are sponsored. Johnny Thompson assists with this ministry, supported by Pat Marshall’s guidance.


As previously stated, Jersey Village cares about those who visit us (see above, “First Impressions”), and this ministry focuses on visiting our visitors, as well as anyone new to the community and those in our congregation who simply need encouragement. This ministry is coordinated by Shawn Biggers and guided by Doug McCullough.

Women’s Ministry

We want every woman to be a woman of God and fulfill his purposes for her! This ministry provides the women of JV with multiple opportunities to honor God and grow spiritually through Bible study, fellowship with other sisters, service projects, and other events. Specifically, a weekly Ladies Bible Class is offered, as well as an annual Ladies Day and women’s retreat. Service projects include sending cards to the sick and bereaved, contributing to children’s homes, sending care packages to our college students and military personnel, and mentoring teen girls. This ministry is under the oversight of Doug McCullough.


Whenever Jersey Village comes together as a church, our greatest desire is to worship and exalt our God! As one of our deacons, Travis King coordinates the different areas of public worship, including those to serve, etc. Travis is assisted by John Shipley and Nick Lockhart. Jersey Village is dedicated to involving as many of her men as possible in the roles of song leading, preaching, Bible reading, prayer, serving communion, and staffing the audio/video booth. Doug McCullough is the elder who oversees this ministry.


This ministry is led by Garrett Escue and is designed to encourage spiritual development and fellowship among the Jersey Village youth. Several activities are sponsored throughout the year, especially the summer, that aid in meeting the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs our our teens while also unifying our families. Garrett is assisted by two deacons, Scott Chitwood and Shawn Biggers, and Daron Cathey is the elder coordinating this ministry.

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