Prairie View – May 2021

Worship Service

Worship Service: We are having both face to face and online service.

More members are starting to return to face to face.


We have fixed 90% of the damage caused by the winter storm. We will start the process of completing our educational wing in June 2021.

Community Outreach:

We continue to provide access to resources, goods & services as needed. We just served more families this past weekend with food and supplies.


We closed on the property next to the church build and we are in the process of clearing land on the other side for more parking.

8 saints have placed membership with us within the past 2 months.

Online Ministry

We are reaching & getting participation from people throughout the

    1. with our online ministry.

Fall 2021 Goals

      • Back fully operational by Fall 2021.
      • Church College Student Orientation in August.
      • Resume all Ministries.
      • School Supply Drive.

Thank you for your contribution to the Kingdom work at PVCOC!